What's New? Creativebug!

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We are pretty bummed to not be seeing everyone's faces this summer for in-person programming, but making lemonade out of lemons, this helped prompt the library into finding an amazing new resource for crafting called Creativebug!

Creativebug has been billed as a "Netflix for Crafters" and that description is pretty right on. Covering projects for all different ages and all different skill levels, you can find build your skills or find a new challenge. Categories range from art & design, sewing, quilting, paper, crochet, knitting, food & home, jewelry, and kids!

Browse the projects to find one you are interested in creating. Each video is taught by a professional. Some projects can be done in an afternoon, some over a weekend, and some are even made to be daily practice to help solidify your skills. If you find an instructor you like, you can even search them out to find other classes they teach. 

Think about the crafts you always wondered about--whether painting or hand-lettering, or even learning to use a new crafting tool, Creativebug has you covered. All the instruction is there waiting for you to start.

And if you want to show off your newfound skills and creations, join our new BCLS Craft Club on Facebook to upload pictures of projects and see what else others in the community have been making.

Creativebug at BCLS was made possible by a generous grant from the Bay Arts Council.

Published by on June 19, 2020
Last Modified August 02, 2021