Please Don't Stop the Music

Hey Music Lovers We Got You Covered text with girl in headphones

I know that when the majority of people hear ‘library’, they think ‘books’. We are pretty well branded there. We have got regular books, large print books, e-books, audio-books. If it's a book, we probably have it or could get it. But there are more than books in a library (both the physical building and the digital presence). Games, movies, cake pans and cool tech items for kids are just some of the pretty awesome collections you can get from us. Today, I would like to bring your attention to one of our more classic collections--music. 

Each of our branches has a nice cd collection. We have the classics and the new stuff. We are drowning in those “Now that’s what I call music” cds. They are all free to check out; not only that, they also have the three week checkout period like books. In a world full of pandoras and spotifys, some love and attention has been lost to cds, but-and maybe it’s the nineties kid in me- there is something nice and nostalgic about listening to an entire album. You can discover those tracks that may not get played on the radio. I, for example, may have been slightly obsessively listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, Folklore, lately. If T. Swift isn’t your thing, but you are a fan of new music, we also have Luke Bryan’s Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, BTS’ Map of the Soul, James Taylor’s American Standard, and the Hamilton Soundtrack. If you are more of a classics fan, whether classic rock or classical music, we have those too. We even have cd sections in our childrens rooms, so you can act like a goldfish or a dinosaur listening to Laurie Berkner.

And if we ever don’t have the cd you’re looking for, there is a good chance we can get it for you through the MEL system. I have helped track down albums someone was looking for based only on their hazy memory of lyrics and an album cover. Remember those bands you listened to in high school? Wouldn’t it be nice to hear those songs again? Share them with your kids. You never know whether it may make you cool. My niece was complaining the other day about how her dad was listening to her music. He was listening to AC/DC, a band he grew up listening to. 

And for those who think this blog post is not for you because your car or computer doesn’t have a cd player--Never fear, you can also download albums on Hoopla! All of the cds I have mentioned (and so many more) are on Hoopla. You can check out and download whole albums to listen to on car trips or while you are working on housework or homework. Now when you think about libraries, know that we are also happy to hook you up with music as well as books.


Published by on August 19, 2020
Last Modified June 24, 2021